Kambua Makes Emotional Comeback on Citizen TV

  • Citizen TV presenter Kambua Manundu made an emotional comeback to the screens on Sunday morning, November 17.

    The bubbly and energetic presenter is back hosting the popular Rauka Show which airs every Sunday from 6-9 A.M.

    'I'm so happy to be back and feel so excited to be back.  I hope sijesahau kazi," she joked to her co-hosts, Ken the DJ and Laura Karwirwa Mugambi.

    She went on to confess that having her son was a huge triumph, especially after her heart-wrenching journey.

    Rauka show host from left Kambua, Karwirwa Laura (guest arstist) Neema K and Ken tha DJ

    "2 Corinthians 2:14 says thanks be to God who causes us to triumph. For me, it has been a season of triumph in many ways. There's the obvious which everyone knows. I was waiting for a child and I got a son and that's a big triumph for me," she stated

    She went on to urge her viewers to trust in God no matter how bleak the situation.

    Kambua has been open about how she was often been subjected to cyber bullying over her lack of a child despite being married for over six years.

    “I have been cyber-bullied for not having children. It takes just one person to start the conversation. I could tweet about anything, let’s say: ‘It is such a beautiful day’, and somebody would reply with: ‘Utazaa lini?’ And then a whole conversation follows thereafter. There is nothing that I have not been told about that issue," she narrated during a past interview.

    Her long-awaited comeback proved to be an emotional reunion with her media family.

    The three Rauka Show presenters had a lot of fun during Kambua's comeback, with Karwira joking that the with the sultry-voiced gospel singer back on the show, she was now free to go back to the Bambika.

    "I used to wake up at 3 A.M so as to make it to the show on time. I am now free to go back to the Bambika show with Holy Dave," Ms Karwirwa joked.

    Kambua Manundu during Citizen TV's Rauka Show on November 17, 2019.