Citizen TV Replaces Kambua With New Host [VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV is, on Sunday, July 21, set to unveil a new host set to replace gospel sensation, Kambua Manundu, on the highly-rated show Bambika.

    Taking to Instagram, gospel singer Laura Karwirwa celebrated the news by uploading a promo of her introduction to the show with the caption, 'the eyes have it!'

    Kambua, who co-hosted Bambika alongside Timeless Noel, DJ Gee Gee and Holy Dave, will be joining the station's morning show, Rauka, after the departure of host Enid Moraa.

    Ms Karwirwa is a revered gospel artist of the ‘Ujulikane’ hit in which she featured singer  Alice Kimanzi.

    In a past interview, the singer, who practices in the Nutrition and Dietetics industry just like her mother, revealed that she had an eye for journalism.

    She had further divulged that she hoped to join a TV or radio station.

    Her wish was momentarily granted when she co-hosted the Tukuza Show on KTN for a day alongside Anthony Ndiema and DJ Sadic.

    Moraa departed from Citizen TV after a five-year stint in an emotional affair that was attended by her mother.

    "I have seen her walk this tough walk right from the beginning. I've seen Enid grow. I have seen the pathway that she has walked through. One thing I want to tell Enid I have admired in her is when she has stood stable even in the most unstable times," shared Enid’s mother at the time.

    Watch the video promo below: