From Cleaning Shops to Running Multimillion Company

  • A photo of a cleaner going about their duties
    A photo of a cleaner going about their duties
  • Njeri Muchina lost her job on March 29 which was followed by a streak of bad luck and unemployment but months later she had become the CEO of her own company. 

    In October 2018, she was offered a job opportunity in Meru County and having nothing else to do, she decided to attend the interview. 

    Although Muchina was ready to take a salary of Ksh 10,000, she was heartbroken that as an insurance broker she would have to work on a commission basis. 

    Njeri Muchina (in maroon) with her children
    MaxHub founder Njeri Muchina (in maroon) with her children

    Since she needed a way to make money quickly, she took up a job offered by a cyber cafe attendant who pitied her. 

    At the end of the task, she was handed Ksh 50 which opened her mind. “Some girl felt sorry for me and gave me a mop to clean her cyber, and gave me Ksh 50. I was so happy! That girl has no idea what hope she instilled in me!!! She made me realise this is doable!” 

    The next day, the cyber cafe attendant introduced Muchina to other shop owners who wanted her services. She cleaned four shops by 11 am and earned Ksh 100 each. 

    The news spread in the area and by the end of the week she had received more cleaning tasks. 

    “By November I was making around Ksh 7,000 a week. Customers became too many I had to hire help and train some women to clean like I do,” Muchina narrated. 

    Her clientele had included a doctor who challenged her to expand her business and invited her to bid for a contract at a local hospital in Meru.

    To her surprise, she won the contract which changed her life and business since then. 

    “I became an employer, and 2019 saw me bag contracts back to back. All that cleaning laundry, scrubbing sinks and toilets paid back and within such a short period,” she recalled. 

    That year her company grew, and she stopped doing laundry manually, bought machines, a vehicle, and started adding more value to her services.

    Muchina concluded by encouraging her followers not to despise humble jobs because they could provide the opportunity of a lifetime

    “So when I see people start small It melts my heart because I know, their breakthrough is coming soon!” Muchina encouraged. 

    MaxHub branded laundry bags
    MaxHub branded laundry bags