Matatu Driver Falls From Apartment Roof During Baboon Attack [VIDEO]

  • An image of a matatu driver falling from an apartment building
    A matatu driver being attacked by a baboon from the top of an apartment building in Kayole, Nairobi.
  • Dickson Maina, a matatu driver fell from the roof of an apartment building in Kayole, Nairobi as he tried to escape an attack from a baboon.

    The clip that surfaced on social media on Tuesday, July 7 showed him escape death by a whisker as he landed on an iron sheet fence.

    Maina claimed that he was at Arrow Web Hospital in Kayole and was alerted by residents raising an alarm which led him to probe what was happening.

    Public service vehicles in Nairobi.
    Public service vehicles in Nairobi.

    "I heard people shouting then climbed the balcony to check out what the problem was, that's when I saw the baboon charging at me.

    "It wanted to bite me so I jumped but missed the balcony and landed in a plot fenced with iron sheets," narrated Maina.

    The matatu driver broke his left arm, sustained deep cuts on both his thumbs and on the right side of his cheek.

    Maina explained that a number of people had tried to chase the baboon away and after falling down they came to his rescue.

    The residents made an opening on the iron sheet fence to access him and took him for first aid at Arrow Web Hospital before he was later transferred to Mama Lucy Hospital for further treatment.

    The hospital advised him to go for a check-up after two days from them to apply new dressing on his wound. Residents suspect that the baboon came from Nyamavilla.

    Maina wanted compensation from Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) after suffering injuries and questioned what could have happened if the baboon attacked a child.

    "An animal like that is dangerous, the way he charged at me he wanted to bite me. If it can attack me and I'm a grown-up what if it meets a child?

    "If possible I want authorities to pay me, I will take action but first I will give myself time to recover," noted the matatu driver.

    He called upon people to offer him advice on how to get help from authorities as he has a family to feed.

    Watch video below: