How Kenya's Female Pilots are Coping After Cancelled flights

  • A collage photo of Kenyan female pilots
    A collage photo of Kenyan female pilots
  • With the restriction of movement around the world, the aviation industry took quite a hit after airlines decided to ground their planes and international flights. 

    Many pilots have had to remain home as governments figure out how to open the skies again without risking the lives of millions of passengers. 

    Closer home, domestic flights have resumed, albeit very slowly. In this article, will highlight some of the female pilots who run the skies and how they have been adjusting to the new normal. 

    Boeing 737 first officer Louisa Imbuga
    Boeing 737 first officer Louisa Imbuga

    Louisa Imbuga

    The Boeing 737 first officer spends time watching space documentaries, baking and keeping fit. She also writes children’s books. 

    Being the daughter of the late renowned author Francis Imbuga, she has followed in his footsteps and published one book.

    Kellen Macharia

    Also a Boeing 737 first officer, she loves the outdoors, swimming and spending time with family, although with Covid-19 it’s nearly impossible. 

    She's currently working on opening a steakhouse, a project she started two years ago.

    Ruth Karauri 

    The wife of Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri is now focused on raising her small kids

     “I’m so appreciative of the extra time I’ve gotten to spend with them. Also, I have a newfound respect for stay at home moms," the Boeing 737 captain described her leave from work. 

    Fiona Ngumi 

    She enjoys listening to music, watching lifestyle shows and documentaries and cooking.

    The E190 captain is spending this time doing different things with her kids

    She was part of the all-female crew that flew to and from Mombasa in KQs celebration of International Womens Day.  

    E190 Captain Fiona Ngumi
    E190 Captain Fiona Ngumi

    Carolina Gwandho 

    The Boeing 737 captain has been enjoying unlimited quality time with her daughter and crocheting for charity. 

    She says the rest has given her body a chance to recover from the chronic fatigue brought on by endometriosis.

    Emmy Chepkwony

    The Boeing 737 captain has been spending time with her kids while trying to keep fit by cycling and running. She also loves travelling, especially road trips.

    She has received many applauds from her passengers and is known for her excellent command of the English language. 

    Boeing 737 Captain Emmy Chepkwony in her uniform
    Boeing 737 Captain Emmy Chepkwony in her uniform

    Anne Mokua

    The captain has been spending her time playing soccer and homeschooling her kids. 

    She enjoys crocheting and is an ardent Mercedes supporter in the Formula 1 rally and a huge Lewis Hamilton fan.

    Captain Anne Mokua takes a selfie at an airport
    Captain Anne Mokua takes a selfie at an airport

    Celine Ager 

    The Boeing 737 captain’s new favourite pastime during the lockdown has been getting down and dirty with her two preschoolers. 

    She likes to ride bikes with them, make sandcastles, play kati (dodgeball ) and reading to them. 

    Parul Patel 

    Captain Patel is considered the most knowledgeable of her colleagues.

    She is an avid hiker and mountaineer who recently conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

    Geraldine Gitau

    She’s a perfume collector and is now focusing on her perfume company.

    Paula Kahuho

    She's been keeping fit by running at least 10km 5 days a week

    The experienced captain became a pilot by chance because no one in her family had ever flown. She pursued the career out of interest and has worked with Kenya Airways for almost 10 years.

    Captain Paula Kahuho pictured at work
    Captain Paula Kahuho (left) pictured at work