Jalang'o Hires Ex-KTN Presenter to Host His Show [VIDEO]

  • File image of Milele FM presenter Felix Odiwour (Jalang'o/Heavy J Baba)
    File image of former Milele FM presenter Felix Odiwour (Jalang'o/Heavy J Baba)
  • The empire of Felix Odiwuor, popularly Jalang'o, has kept on expanding especially with the introduction of two co-hosts including a former presenter of KTN's E-Curve.

    In a special Jalang'o TV episode dubbed Jalang'o Extra, the outspoken Radio personality unveiled Violetta Ngina who is set to host the entertainment segment of the Bong'a na Jalas show.

    With her introduction, Jalang'o TV, which was born out of the successful brand name of its owner, an entire segment, Entertainment and Lifestyle, was created where she will be the host.

    "My name is Violetta Ngina and I will be giving you all the scoop on matters entertainment and lifestyle. So get ready.

    Former KTN E-Curve show host Violetta Ngina.
    Former KTN E-Curve show host Violetta Ngina.

    "When it comes to entertainment, it is all about news on what your favourite celebrities are out here doing. In life style, we will be giving you tips on how to stay fit. How to work out. I will giving you ideas," she announced during the introductory segment.

    Ngina joined the media industry at 20 years of age and hosted a show on Homeboyz Radio

    "At that particular time, they had no vacancy for a presenter but I took the position of radio sales and events management. I handled big events and accounts in Kenya with my favourite one being Jameson Connect with Nasty C and TY Dollar Sign," she disclosed at an interview with The Standard in January.

    The star of Ngina has been shining ever since as she was selected to host the beloved Pulse Music Video Awards 2019.

    She attended St Joseph Mbiuni Primary School before proceeding to Precious Blood Kilungu for her secondary education.

    She has so far held sit-downs with Alpha Blondy, Koffee and TD Jakes among others.

    During her introduction, Jalang'o explained that he had settled on Jalang'o TV as his media outlet's name as he had worked hard to get that brand up and running.

    Ngina joins Daniel Weke who was unveilled as the first presenter on the show where he will host a street interview segment.

    Weke has worked Switch TV where he gained experience in the entertainment industry hosting events and even had a short stint on radio. 

    Below is the video: