Churchill Show Comedian Sponsored to Join Daystar University

  • Comedian Paul Wakimani during a past interview
    Comedian Paul Wakimani during a past interview
  • Churchill Show comedian Paul 'Wakimani' Ogutu who admitted that he was taking therapy sessions to help him recover from depression has received some good news. 

    Speaking during an interview with comedian Felix Odiwor alias Jalang’o, he stated that his future plans involved building his new business venture and going back to school. 

    However, he confided that he did not have the money needed to enroll for a journalism course.

    Comedian Paul Wakimani during a past Churchill show performance
    Comedian Paul Wakimani during a past Churchill show performance

    The host offered to sponsor Wakimani for his first year at Daystar University on condition that the comedian would be able to sustain himself for the remainder of the course. 

    “What I want to promise you is that in the next intake, I’ll pay for your registration and the first year. The rest of the coursework you will have to hustle for it. Work during the day and go to class in the evening,” the Kiss FM presenter offered. 

    Jalang’o encouraged him that it was possible to complete the course using an example of Eric Omondi’s determination, having taken 8 years to graduate. 

    Jalas is also studying at the same institution and is expected to graduate in a few months with a degree in community development. 

    The former Milele FM presenter also promised to arrange an appointment with his dentist who would help fix Wakimani’s lower teeth which he lost some years back.

    The Churchill Show comedian has also started a business which he says protects households from fire accidents.

    Having survived an inferno in his younger years, Wakimani was inspired to start a business to install fire ball extinguishers.

    He explained that the devices are installed in strategic places where fires are likely to start and once the ball comes into contact with the flame, it explodes and extinguishes the fire. 

    It can also be thrown into a fire and will activate within 3 seconds to effectively disperse extinguishing chemicals. 

    Watch the interview below: