Govt Rescues Family With Mysterious Disease After Citizen TV Report [VIDEO]

  • A family suffering from Elephantiasis
    A family in Keumbu, Kisii has seven of its members suffering from elephantiasis.
  • A family in Kisii County that has seven members who suffer from the mysterious Elephantiasis disease can take a sigh of relief after the government pledged to help them access medication.

    A report by Citizen TV on Friday, July 31, revealed that Kisii County Governor James Ongwae pledged to have the family access medicine from Kisii County Referral Hospital.

    The message was delivered to the family by Kisii Woman Representative Janet Ong'era who had also taken some goods to the family.

    She also revealed that she had shared the plight of the family with Interior CS Fred Matiang'i who expressed his concern.

    File image of Kisii Governor James Ongwae
    File image of Kisii Governor James Ongwae

    "I passed by the Governor's office and asked him (Ongwae) if the hospital can help the family and he said he would see to it that they get medicine from Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital," she stated

    The family expressed its gratitude to the state as well as the well-wishers who had reached out to help them hoping to get a cure.

    Citizen TV first highlighted the plight of the family in a Wednesday, July 8 report, noting that children from the family contracted the disease after getting to class seven.

    Maurice Obonyo, a 95-year-old man narrated that all his six children were battling elephantiasis with only the wife being exempted from the rare condition that has befallen the family.

    The family sold almost all its belongings to seek treatment for the rare disease but none of their hospital visits have been successful thus far.

    What is Elephantiasis

    The mysterious sickness which is also known as lymphatic filariasis, according to Healthline, causes swelling of the scrotum, legs, or breasts and is more common in tropical and subtropical areas of the world, including Africa.

    Data shows that some 120 million people worldwide have contracted the disease.

    Symptoms of the disease include swelling of legs, genitals, breasts as well as arms and the affected skin appears dry. In some cases, people can develop a fever and chills.


    The disease is caused by parasitic worms - Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi and Brugia timori that are spread by mosquitoes. 

    The disease is said to attack the lymphatic fluid which is responsible for removing waste and toxins. The attack blocks the system leading to a build-up of lymphatic fluids.

    People can prevent themselves from contracting the disease by avoiding exposure to mosquitoes.

    Below is the video: