7 Family Members Battling Rare 'Class 7' Disease [VIDEO]

  • A family suffering from Elephantiasis
    A family in Keumbu, Kisii has seven of its members suffering from elephantiasis.
  • A family in Keumbu, Kisii has seven members suffering from elephantiasis with the children contracting the disease after getting to class seven.

    The family has received help following an online call from the public after their story was aired on Citizen TV leading netizens to alert Nyaribari Chache MP Richard Tongi to act.

    Maurice Obonyo a 95-year-old man has all his six children battling elephantiasis with only the wife being exempted from the rare condition that has befallen the family.

    A teacher and students inside a classroom at Kawangware Primary School, Nairobi, on October 5, 2015.
    A teacher and students inside a classroom at Kawangware Primary School, Nairobi, on October 5, 2015.
    Daily Nation

    The mystery of the family's plight is that the six children all contracted the rare disease while in class seven.

    "They feel bad, they have to take medication every evening but still cry every night due to pain, like one had a huge swelling that burst," noted the mother.

    One of the six children explained that he visited a medic at Kisii General who advised him to amputate his legs but was not willing to go down the path.

    The family has sold almost all their belongings to seek treatment for the rare disease but none of their hospital visits have been successful thus far.

    "We had a lot of cows but right now we have none left, we have no money and getting food is a challenge," explained the mother.

    The family has appealed to more well-wishers to come to their aid as their financial situation gets worse with every hospital visit.

    "I pray to God that he may help my six children because they are the only ones I have despite being sick," noted Obonyo.

    The cost of treatment is estimated to be Ksh. 534,250 meaning that the family needs around Ksh. 3,500,000 to the seven cases.

    The area MP promised to send a specialist to investigate the matter and present him with a well thought out solution to help the family.

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