'Haunted' Ruiru Mansion Sparks Online Debate

The 'Haunted' Mansion in Ruiru, Kiambu County.
The 'Haunted' Mansion in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

Are the ghost stories regarding an abandoned mansion in Ruiru just myths or true?

Well, on Friday, July 31, the 'haunted' mansion in Ruiru went viral, following tales of unseen forces that have scared the local residents to a point where the house has remained uninhabited for over a decade.

The story of the 'haunted' Ruiru house sparked a conversation where thousands of Kenyans offered various solutions to verify the truth behind it.

Interestingly, some brave souls volunteered to make their way to the house and record an entire night's stay for a fee, leading to the viral challenge.

Screenshot of a part of the conversation regarding the 'Haunted' Ruiru mansion.
Screenshot of a part of the conversation regarding the 'Haunted' Ruiru mansion.

It all started with a tweet from a man only identified as Kinyua Wa Muthoni, who went on to claim he was familiar with some truly horrifying stories behind the house.

He detailed the mythical story as follows:

There was a day I was working in that area and upon asking why no one lived in such a good house, I was told that after it was built, there was a party filled with rich people dressed in white.

The party was a success and the guests left the house in the hands of a watchman. 

On reporting for duty a week later, the nightguard had a night to remember.

At around midnight, he was woken up by some commotion at the front gate and allegedly claimed to have seen vehicles trooping into the compound as he ran in fear of his life

As legend goes, locals who moved near the house told tales of stones being thrown at them by people they couldn't see and from that day no one has ever moved closer.

His story soon went viral with Kenyans adding horrifying ghost stories of their own, while others went even further to suggest how the house could be of use.

"The Government should decide to use this Ruiru house as a jail for those who are found guilty & involved in corruption, in order for politicians to tow the line," someone suggested.

Ghost stories are not new in Kenya, with evils spirits linked to several spots in the country.

In 2011, Chepkosa bridge in Bomet sparked fear among the locals, following the tale of the ghost of an old woman carrying a child being responsible for countless accidents on the same spot.

The area residents further claimed that in spite of the horrific accidents at the site, hardly any blood is spilt or seen, either on the road or inside the wreckage of the cars.

Interestingly, all the survivors told a similar story of swerving to avoid an old woman with a child strapped on her back.

Similar stories have been told regarding Nithi valley on the Meru-Nairobi highway in Tharaka-Nithi County. A notorious blackspot that claimed many lives for many years sparking superstitions.

A section of the road leading to Nithi Bridge in Tharaka Nithi.
A section of the road leading to Nithi Bridge in Tharaka Nithi.
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