Willis Raburu on Growing Up With Strict Provincial Commissioner Father [VIDEO]

  • File image of Willis Raburu with his father Peter Raburu
    File image of Willis Raburu with his father Peter Raburu
  • Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu spoke on growing up with a powerful Moi-era Provincial Commissioner, Peter Raburu, in an interview released on Wednesday, August 4.

    The 10 Over 10 host was a guest on comedian MC Jessy's web series, and addressed various topics including his family, career and coping with the loss of his daughter in January.

    He explained that difficult experiences in life and lessons from his strict, religious father played a big part in shaping the man he is today.

    Raburu told a story of how his father once sent a Land Rover vehicle with two police officers to his high school after he was suspended.

    Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu pictured during a past news bulletin
    Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu pictured during a past news bulletin

    He explained that while relationships among students were discouraged, he had a girlfriend at Chemelil Sugar High School where he studied.

    Information on the relationship got to the school principal, who announced the suspension of Raburu and his girlfriend at an assembly.

    "We were suspended for two weeks. In my head I couldn't imagine going home to my father. A teacher told my father, he sent a Land Rover 110 with two police officers.

    "I sat like an inmate, in between two officers as I went home. I was scared and I was also the Organizing Secretary of the Christian Union," Raburu disclosed, noting that he was forced to step down from his position in the Christian Union.

    Contrary to his expectations, however, Raburu was not severely punished as his father advised him that spilt milk could not be recovered, telling him to focus on his studies.

    He disclosed that his father made him and his two older siblings get saved while he was still a pupil in lower primary school.

    Raburu noted that, to date, he considered his belief in God as his biggest pillar despite having questions on religion over the years.

    "What my dad has helped me with is two things; work ethic and spirituality. My dad used to wake up, actually still wakes up, every day at 3.30 am-4.00 am. You hear him praying, and he prays loudly so you can hear what he's praying for," he revealed.

    Raburu explained that his faith had kept him grounded through various trying times he has experienced, including scandals in his career and the death of his daughter.

    He noted that it helped him deal with criticism he faced when he began hosting 10 Over 10, a Friday night entertainment show while coming from a gospel background.

    Raburu noted that he struggled to reconcile the two worlds at first, but came to decide that it was important to do his job as best his can, and also to fend for himself.

    Watch the interview below: