Shiksha Arora Bounces Back After Losing TV Job

  • Former K24 TV anchor Shiksha Arora
    Former K24 TV anchor Shiksha Arora in May 2020.
  • Former K24 TV anchor Shiksha Arora is one of the most recognisable faces in media from her time anchoring news and her growing social media following.

    Speaking to, the presenter revealed that she had landed online marketing contracts with two brands.

    "I am excited to embark on this new path and very grateful too. I remain hopeful that more contracts will come down the road," she stated while urging young people to exploit the resources within their grasp to make a living.

    The journalist who is also a professional dancer invested more on her online profiles growing her followers by uploading content she enjoying creating - which consisted mainly of dance videos.

    K24 News anchor Shiksha Arora anchoring the news on K24 Daily Brief
    K24 media personality Shiksha Arora anchoring the news on K24 Daily Brief on March 25, 2020.

    "I also have plans of starting an online show soon that will be primarily on dance, so watch this space," the young journalist teased.

    On the redundancy at the MediaMax-owned station that saw a number of journalists lose their jobs, Shiksha stated that her confidence was dealt a blow when the announcement was made.

    "It took some time for it to sink in that I had been fired because prior to the incident I was on an upward trajectory for the past two years in my career," she stated adding that she suffered from anxiety and insomnia over the uncertainty of not having a job.

    Upon being let go, the young journalist took time to reflect on the direction she wanted her career to take opting to stay away from the bustle that characterised her TV job.

    "I was not in the right headspace so I took time off doing nothing for a month. After the much-needed rest, I created a plan on how to move forward," Shiksha revealed.

    Shiksha added that there are plenty of opportunities for young people in the digital space which are not limited to a monthly salary.

    The journalist advocated for any person experiencing unemployment not to give up and lose hope.

    As she is exploring the opportunities on the digital space, Shiksha maintained that she was open to vacancies in mainstream media.

    More journalists are carving a niche for themselves on the online platforms including Kiss FM presenter Jalang'o and former K24 TV anchor Betty Kyallo, while others have gone on to form their own media and production companies including Asha Mwilu of Debunk media and Joab Mwaura of Sauti Tajika Productions.

    The latest entrant is former Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe who will launch her political talk show in the coming days.