Meet Farmer Spearheading Revival of Failing Govt Companies

  • Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Anne Nyaga
    Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Anne Nyaga will lead the interim committee on the leasing of five state-owned sugar mills.
  • Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Anne Nyaga boasts of an impressive portfolio with the most recent being an appointment to chair an interim committee to oversee the leasing of five government-owned sugar mills to private investors.

    In a gazette notice on August 7, the Agriculture CS Peter Munya appointed the accomplished professional to lead the transition period of Muhoroni Chemelil, Sony Sugar, Nzoia and Miwani sugar mills before the eventual takeover by the successful bidders. Muhoroni and Miwani companies are already in receivership.

    "I am grateful to the President for appointing me the CAS position and to the CS for giving me the mandate to oversee the project. The Ministry is determined to see the companies are up and running for the benefit of the communities that rely on them," Nyaga told

    Agriculture CAS Anne Nyaga speaking at a press conference in May 2020.
    Agriculture CAS Anne Nyaga speaking at a press conference in May 2020.

    This comes after the CS disbanded the boards of the sugar mills to pave way for the leasing to private entities.

    In the role as Chair of the Taskforce on leasing of the sugar mills, Anne Nyaga will lead the serving CEOs of the mills in receiving, reviewing and making recommendations on various issues including job contracts of mills workers, payment of wages, management of supplies as well as staff and farmers arrears.

    The task force is set to be in place until the last of the five mills is handed over to a successful bidder.

    The other members of the committee are Anthony Murithi, Grace Agili, CPA Michael Wanjala, Stephen Ligawa, Harun Kirui,  Francis Ooko, Gabriel Nyangweso and Rosemary Owino who will serve as the secretary.

    Unknown to many, other than being a senior government official, Nyaga is also a large scale farmer, an activity she began in 2008 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science and Technology.

    "I started after getting a piece of land from my family and I started growing watermelons, and eventually ventured into more horticultural crops. Farming is a profession like any other and young people should not view it as a side hustle. They should be ready to soil their hands if they want to prosper in farming," she disclosed.

    Nyaga has produced a number of farming manuals showcasing to young people on the best practises learned from her own personal agricultural journey.

    The CAS shot into limelight after being named in her role following a stint as County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture in Embu County between 2013-2017.

    In her previous role, she initiated various programs alongside the Agricultural Sector Development Support Program.

    Recently, the youthful CAS has been involved in ensuring that nutrition is a major part of fighting covid-19, urging the country to eat a balanced diet with sufficient nutrients.

    In response to Covid-19 pandemic, CAS Nyaga launched the 1 Million Home Gardens programme for the household level intervention on nutrition in Kasikeu, in Makueni County, which was earmarked as the front runner for the initiative.

    Agriculture CAS Anne Nyaga (centre) during the launch of 1 Million Home Gardens in Kasikeu Makueni County in June 25, 2020.
    Agriculture CAS Anne Nyaga (centre) during the launch of 1 Million Home Gardens in Kasikeu Makueni County in June 25, 2020.

    "We have currently implementing the youth agribusiness strategy and we will be launching the Enable Youth Kenya Program that will provide finance to youths agripreneurs. We are also looking to revive the 4K clubs but because of the pandemic we shall implement through e-learning," she conveyed.