Residents of Lang'ata Posh Estate Protest Against Developer [VIDEO]

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    Residents of Phenom Park Estate protesting against a developer, on Sunday 16 August 2020, claiming they are behind the estate using public spaces.
  • Lang'ata MP Nixon Korir on Sunday, August 16, joined residents of Phenom Park Estate in protesting against a developer after allegedly failing to honour his promise on social amenities.

    According to the residents, the developer promised to construct social amenities before they agreed to purchase property in the area and now accuse the developer of duping them.

    The developer promised the buyers a children's playing ground, a swimming pool among other amenities but residents say the space set aside for its construction is being used to develop other structures.

    Lang'ata MP Nixon Korir.
    Lang'ata MP Nixon Korir.

    Chairman of Phenom Park, Eric Ogumo noted that children were finding it hard to play due to the limited space in the estate.

    "On the issue of the playground, we moved into these houses over four years ago and we do not have a playground.

    "Our children are struggling to play especially at this time of the pandemic when children are not in school, so children are playing on the road," he noted.

    Ogumo added that the housing units are over 214 meaning the estate has close to 400 children, if each family had two children, who are cramped up in a small space to play.

    In response to the claims, developer admitted to having differences with the homeowners but are planning to hold talks to resolve the row.

    Residents are planning to move to court to compel the developer to honour his promise of delivering on the social amenities.

    They also claim that children on some occasions have been knocked down by cars while playing on the roads.

    Area MP Nixon Korir noted that the developer had other properties in Lang'ata where they also took time to deliver some of their promises.

    "Residents have come out so that they can air their grievances and to send a message to the public to be wary of properties from the developer because they are not keeping their word.

    "There is a small swimming pool that does not even qualify to be called a children's pool, before they provided the facilities the residents had to go to court," he explained.