Why I Rejected Ksh10M Offer - Jimmy Gait

  • File image of Gospel artiste Jimmy Gait
    File image of Gospel artiste Jimmy Gait
  • Gospel artist Jimmy Gait shared a narrative on dark forces luring musicians with lucrative contracts and the promise of a wealthy lifestyle and success in their careers.

    Gait, who has had his fair share of ups and downs in the industry, from criticism to award-winning songs, stated that he declined an offer worth more than Ksh 10 million to switch music genres. The artist detailed his story during an interview with TV 47.

    "As long as you are in the music industry, you will always face some of these issues at some point. I met these individuals who wanted to sign me on condition that I do not mention the name Jesus in my songs," Gait stated.

    Jimmy Gait (left) with Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege (right) and other friends in India in 2019

    The said individuals were poised to offer him a downpayment of Ksh 10 million and also market his songs across the globe, back in 2015. 

    Gait declined the offer, arguing that he was born again and would not be deterred by the promise of earthly materials.

    He also warned upcoming artists not to base their careers on the pursuit of money but rather the passion for music and desires of their hearts. 

    "I am very well acquainted with how freemasonry and Illuminati works. I have done extensive research on them. 

    "When you are in media entertainment and if you don't know how they operate you will fall for them," Gait proclaimed adding that it took him a couple of years to generate income from his music. 

    In 2019, the artist underwent treatment for hyperacidity in India after the disease was mistakenly diagnosed as cancer. Speaking with Kenyans.co.ke, Gait stated that he would take his career to another level and would not quit the music industry. 

    File image of gospel artist Jimmy Gait