Truth Behind Citizen TV Actress Maria Buying Ksh23M House [VIDEO]

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    File image of Citizen TV actress Yasmin Said (Maria)
  • Yasmin Said (Maria), the main actress on Citizen TV's series Maria has grown from a debutant to one of the most followed actors in Kenya's film industry. 

    Her growth has seen her land various deals outside her show due to her elegance and zeal for acting. In July, she starred in King Kaka's song NakuLove, which also featured actor Pascal Tokodi and Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula) who passed away on July 18

    Even so, as her star rises, more reports and rumours loom. 

    In August 2020, social media was awash with reports of Yasmin purchasing a Ksh 23 million house in the leafy suburbs of Karen, Nairobi. 

    (Left) Tina Wamwati alias Lona with Yasmin Said alias Maria. (Right) TWamwati with Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan
    (Left) Maria actors, Tina Wamwati -Lona with Yasmin Said - Maria. (Right) Wamwati with Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan

    Speaking with on Thursday, August 27, her colleague Tina Wamwati who stars as Lona- the househelp on the show-shed insight on the lavish house claims. 

    "No, she hasn't made such a purchase. That is false and a generated story. Maybe one day she will as the future is bright for her.

    "Some individuals have a certain attitude whereby they create stories and expectations for people in the limelight. A few days ago, someone stated that I bought a high-end car, a Ferrari," Wamwati stated. 

    Such kind of reports, she says, tend to give fans a preconceived perspective about someone, which makes them judge or expect to see the individuals living the false lifestyle. 

    In an exclusive interview with on Wednesday, December 4, Yasmin stated that she was still staying at her parents home and was focused on completing her education while growing her career. She reiterated the same on Friday, August 28 in response to the Karen house reports.

    "For now, I still live with my parents. Marriage is the only thing that would make me leave home. Although we are living in a civilised world and I can move out if I want to, I still see myself as my parent's child. 

    "I need their love and guidance too. I save my money as I am yet to complete my studies and I know that I will need to take care of myself later," Yasmin stated. 

    In the video, the mansion shown is a four bedroomed house, with three guest rooms, a library and posh furniture. It also has a swimming pool and a huge lawn. The video garnered over 150,000 views. 

    (Marked red) The Ksh 23 million house alleged to have been purchased by Yasmin Said

    Watch the video of the alleged house