Most Dangerous Places in Kenya - Report

  • A picture of a mugging incident.
    A picture of a mugging incident.
  • There is serious risk of crime in Kenya. Violent and sometimes fatal criminal attacks, including home invasions, burglaries, armed carjackings, and kidnappings can occur at any time and in any location.

    According to a comprehensive report released by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) in May 2020, Nairobi residents stand a high risk of being victims of crime on any given day.

    "Street crime is a serious problem, particularly in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kiambu, Meru, and other large cities. Most street crime involves multiple armed assailants. In some instances, large crowds of street criminals incite criminal activity, which has the potential to escalate into mob violence with little notice," reads an excerpt from the report.

    Interior CS Fred Matiang'i interacts with Police officers during a past traffic crackdown
    Interior CS Fred Matiang'i interacts with Police officers during a past traffic crackdown
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    The 2018 Annual Crime Report released by the National Police Service (NPS), Nairobi County was the murder capital leading with 235 homicides, followed by Nakuru 171, Kiambu 142, Meru 139, Kilifi 125, Machakos 109, Kisii 108 and Murang'a 100.

    The 8 counties were the only ones to register 100 or more murders during the year. 

    Garissa and Mandera had the least number of homicides, with each recording 6 cases.

    Overall, the most dangerous counties were Nairobi, Kiambu, Meru, Kilifi, Murang'a, Kakamega and Kitui in that specific order.

    A Comparative analysis of crime figures for the period 2016/2017/2018 revealed that reported muggings went from 22,295 in 2016 to 25,049, recording a spike of 2,754.

    "In 2016 there were 76,986 cases reported to police which increased to 77,992 in 2017 translating to an increase 1,006 or 1%. It is projected to rise in the year 2020," the NPS reads in part.

    OSAC went on to detail crimes of opportunity such as pickpockets and thieves who often carry out snatch-and-grab attacks in crowded areas and from vehicles idling in traffic, relieving pedestrians or drivers of purses, cell phones or other easily accessible belongings. 

    "Keep vehicle windows up and doors locked at all times," the global security agency advised.

    On the other hand, NPS revealed that offences involving police officers went from 57 in 2016 to 174 in 2018.

    Kiambu was branded the drug capital with 1,543 cases during the year, followed by Murang'a 794, Nairobi 546.

    In the reports, Cannabis Sativa was listed as the most prevalent drug in the country, with the police linking it to multiple crimes within the republic.

    Several rolls of bhang packed behind a car.
    Several rolls of bhang packed behind a car.
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    The NPS has since released a list of crime hotspots with the following areas making it on the top 20.

    1. City Cotton between Wilson Airport and South C. Common for murder and mugging.
    2. Near Oilibya Petrol Station in Mathare Slum area. Common for mugging and murder crimes.
    3. Congo area near Kawangware. Common for drug trafficking, rape and mugging.
    4. Kware in Rongai, Kajiado. Common for mugging crimes.
    5. Noonkopir (Daraja next to Saitoti Hospital) in Kitengela. Common for carjacking and robbery.
    6. Changombe slums in Kitengela. Common for drug trafficking and rape.
    7. Kiwanja ya punda (around Migoni House just before flats area) in Kiserian.Common for rape and murder crimes.
    8. Around Kiserian Primary. Common for carjacking and murder.
    9. Kisaju road stretch in Isinya. Common for carjacking and rape crimes.
    10. Kichinjio area in Isinya. Common for murder and rape.
    11. Kiandutu area in Thika. Common for assaults, break-ins, arson and drug trafficking crimes.
    12. Mangu flyover in Thika. Common for robbery and mugging.
    13. Railway line area (Junction of the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and the stretch
    to Kikuyu town). Common for rape,murder and carjacking.
    14. Across Patel bridge in Kikuyu. Common for murder crimes.
    15. Kiandutu slums in Kikuyu. Common for robbery and rape.
    16. Mashimoni (Marimari) road in Kiambu.Common for carjacking, robbery and mugging.
    17. Limuru road stretch between the town and the Nakuru Highway. Common for carjacking and mugging.
    18. Kisumu Ndogo area in Athi River.Common for murder crimes and mugging.
    19. Kosovo in Athi River. Common for robbery and mugging.
    20. Behind Muli block in Mlolongo. Common for rape and mugging crimes.

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