Betty Kyallo Regrets Wasting Millions on Luxury Car [VIDEO]

  • Betty Kyallo pictured next to her Mercedes Benz
    Betty Kyallo pictured next to her Mercedes Benz
  • Betty Kyallo, a media personality and entrepreneur, has opened up about her worst financial decision.

    In a recent candid interview about how she spends her money, she confessed to buying a car which in hindsight, she says, she did not need and couldn't afford to maintain at the time. 

    She decided to buy a BMW 320i whose price ranges between Ksh 2 million and Ksh 5 Million depending on the year of manufacture. The media personality then upgraded to the 2015 BMW X6. 

    "I didn't really need to buy a BMW. The Subaru was working quite well. It is just a bit noisy," she admitted.

    Betty Kyallo poses in her new Porsche Cayenne. June 2, 2020.
    Betty Kyallo poses in her new Porsche Cayenne. June 2, 2020.

    The BMW brand is known for being a luxurious car and is associated with its high performance and stylish design. 

    She felt the need to switch from a Subaru due to the stigma associated with them at the time. 

    A lot of Kenyans assume Subaru owners are rogue drivers and speed junkies. Subarus have also been associated with a lot of noise which is uncomfortable for some people. 

    Betty has the makings of a car enthusiast. The love for cars is so deep she once had a show called Ride with Betty where she held interviews with guests as she drove.

    Her top-notch taste in cars is quite evident. She recently bought a white Porsche Cayenne which she added to her collection of guzzlers, among them a black Mercedes Benz.

    Watch Betty Kyallo talk about her BMW here

    In a past sitdown with Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange also recalled a car as his worst purchase.

    He revealed that while working in the United States in 1987, he bought his first car and didn't like it because it failed to live up to the standards he expected.

    He, however, did not remember its pricing or make because he purchased it a long time ago.

    "I bought the car around 1987, it was such a long time ago. I bought it while in the US. I did not hate the dealer but the car was not value for what I paid for it," stated the anchor.

    He further insinuated that the car's problem persisted and eventually affected him when he decided to sell it.

    Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo has also opened up about his regret after buying a used Range Rover.

    “When you talk to therapists in Nairobi they will tell you men are facing depression because of maintaining high-maintenance German machines. Don’t buy yourself a used Range Rover,” he quipped in an interview with Andrew Kibe.