Firm Comes Clean After Comedian Brenda Jon's Ksh400K Claim

  • Online content creator Brendah Jons in video set with a colleague
    Online content creator Brendah Jons in video set with a colleague
  • Online content creator Brendah popularly known as Mama Plezdent Kingston claimed that a company owned by J Blessing, Digitone Agency, had disenfranchised her of Ksh 400,000.

    The comedian was speaking during an interview with YouTuber Carolina Carls when she opened up about almost giving up on her passion. 

    She claimed that the debt had left her frustrated and on the verge of quitting her career in online content creation until she met fellow comedian Njugush, who encouraged her to forge forward.

    Online content creator Brendah Jons
    Online content creator Brendah Jons
    File reached out to the digital agency which stated that the comedian had been given her dues when she left the company.

    "The entire sum earned by Brendah Jons during her time with the agency is Ksh 345,000 for client projects. This is a figure before actual project execution expenses were deducted.

    "Her income balance was thereafter systematically disbursed for her expenses (brand management, rent, upkeep etc) in addition to a cash pay-out, which is all captured in the final financial reconciliation with the agency that she is fully aware of and in procession of the reconciled financials," the company's Business Manager Caroline Wanjiku explained.

    She added that the company had strived to mainitain a good relationship with the comedian throughout their engagement, termination process and thereafter.

    Many content creators have turned to managment companies and agencies in order to commercialise their art and influence.

    Through collaborations with different brands, they have become one of the most sort after individuals due to the huge following they command online.

    The online content creation industry has become independent of TV and Radio which corporates used to rely on for advertising.

    According to the latest statistics released by GeoPoll, Kiss FM's Jalang'o was named Kenya's leading online brand

    The research firm found that lifestyle, fashion, and technology influencers were the most popular categories of influencers with Facebook being the most popular social network in Kenya at 85%, YouTube (73%) and Instagram (63%) closing out the top three in Kenya.

    On average, an impressive 69% of respondents in Kenya stated they have been directly influenced to make purchase decisions by influencers’ recommendations. A further 32% said influencer reviews had contributed to their purchase decisions to some extent.

    Most popular social media sites in Kenya
    Most popular social media sites in Kenya