UNICEF Responds After Video of Employee in Brawl Goes Viral

  • An image of a UNICEF Employee
    A man alleged to be a UNICEF employee, Philip Van De Graaf in a brawl on Saturday, September 12.
  • United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) on Tuesday, September 15 responded after one of their alleged employees was caught up in a brawl.

    Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa Mohamed Fall responded after the video set social media ablaze on Tuesday following an incident that took place on Saturday, September 12.

    "UNICEF has launched an investigation into events from Saturday in Nairobi that have been shown on social media. We have been in Kenya for many years, and both our country and regional offices are warmly hosted by the Government of Kenya.

    An image of Philip Van De Graaf
    A man alleged to be a UNICEF employee, Philip Van De Graaf in a brawl on Saturday, September 12.

    "Throughout that time, we have all enjoyed the warmth and friendship of the Kenyan people, for which we are most grateful. At all times we expect impeccable behaviour from our staff, as they go about their critical and life-saving work for children throughout the region," reads the statement from Fall.

    The incident is reported to have occurred at a rented house located in High View area, Ridgeways, Nairobi where the said employee asked a group of people gathered around a table to tone down their noise as it was past curfew hours.

    Things quickly escalated as the man believed to be a UNICEF employee, identified as Philip Van De Graaf, was left incensed after the group started recording the drama that ensued.

    Thogori Karago, the host of the gathering, penned a blog detailing the whole incident and identified the man as a UNICEF employee.

    "At exactly 8.30 pm we were having a vote of thanks speech amongst ourselves to conclude, when we were shocked upon the arrival of an intruder from a small gap in the garden shouting, flailing his arms and claiming we must exit the premises. 

    "Upon his close approach on my porch and personal space, I asked him to calm down and step away as he continued to shout verbal abusive words and racial slurs towards me and my friends," reads part of her blog.

    Karago claimed that the man continued to hurl insults and threaten physical assault using abusive words which prompted them to call diplomatic police.

    The woman added that De Graaf used several objects around him to attack them and destroy personal property on the porch.

    The incident escalated with Karago noting that the man also went and got his guard dog attempting to use it against them as they locked themselves in the house to protect themselves.

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