Dr Kingori: My Parents Kicked Me Out Over Ksh17K Job

  • Dr King'ori Strikes a pose on the set of his Wicked Edition show.
    Dr King'ori Strikes a pose on the set of his Wicked Edition show.
  • Almost all successful people have strenuous backstories and for NTV comic Dr King'ori, his tale is a rather unsettling one.

    In an interview on Churchill Show on Sunday, September 27, King'ori revealed that he endured nights of hunger noting that at times his mother would come home empty-handed.

    When he completed Form Four, he set out to create his career in the acting industry but financial pressure kept on weighing him down.

    "Immediately after secondary school, I innocently asked my mother about college and she responded, 'where is the money?'

    Larry Madowo (L) and Dr King'ori pictured at the NTV studios on February 7, 2017.
    Larry Madowo (L) and Dr King'ori pictured at the NTV studios on February 7, 2017.

    "At the time, I was cast and started acting in set books. My mother was earning Ksh 5,000 then and I remember she was over the moon because it had been increased to Ksh 5,600," narrated King'ori.

    It was around the same time that his parents hooked him up with a road construction job that was expected to earn him as much as Ksh17,000 per month.

    The comedian revealed that he showed up to work for a week but decided that he was not cut out for it, so he left to do pursue a career in performing  arts.

    "They wanted me to do go dig trenches on roads where I would make between Ksh 12,000 and Ksh17,000. With that kind of money at the time, I would have been a 'tycoon'.

    "I went there for a week, remember, I had started acting in set books. I could not fit in. I quit that job and I was told 'you can't stay here, go fix your life out there,'" the comedian added.

    He disclosed that his father was mad and kicked him out at night around 10 p.m. and he ran into police officers on patrol.

    Luckily, he managed to convince them that he was an actor and they helped him rehearse.

    In his pursuit for greener pastures, the comedian found himself atthe  Nation Media Group pitching a concept he hoped would result into a show for NTV.

    The management asked him to prepare a pilot episode before inking a deal which left him stranded because neither did he have enough money for transport nor any prospects of financing the pilot.

    He credits BBC journalist Larry Madowo for interesting him with a concept in which he would experiment with.

    "When I was asked to do a pilot, Larry told me to do the concept as a segment on The Trend first and see how people take it.

    "People accepted and loved it and here we are," he stated.

    Ever since, The Wicked Edition has hosted high-profile guests including Police Spokesperson Charles Owino and Billionaire Chris Kirubi.

    King'ori reveals that it has not been as smooth-sailing as any would think, with several low moments including one time where half the audience fell asleep mid-shoot.

    Below is the video of his narration: