Julie Gichuru Appreciates Her Teacher In Special Way

  • Media personality Julie Gichuru poses for a photo.
    Media personality Julie Gichuru poses for a photo.
  • Former Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru on Monday, October 5, sent a heartfelt message to her former high school teacher ,Sister Pauline Boase, detailing the timeless lessons she picked from her.

    Gichuru took time to pen the personalized message as millions across the globe marked World's Teachers Day.

    "Let me identify that one teacher who to me was super important in my journey and that is Sister Pauline, headmistress of Loreto Convent Msongari while I was there.

    Media personality Julie Gichuru.
    Media personality Julie Gichuru.

    "She was a disciplinarian, she was strict, she instilled a lot of respect in all of us but behind that, she led with love," she explained. 

    The former news anchor added that Sister Pauline allowed girls in the school to embrace excellence and to always strive to make themselves the best.

    The teacher left an indelible mark on Gichuru's life with her lesson on refraining to compete with others but rather striving to compete against oneself, having played a key role in her life.

    The renowned media personality thanked the teacher for allowing them to understand that self-actualization is the most important part of learning. 

    Gichuru also appreciated other teachers who had an impact on her life.

    Lessons from Sister Pauline came in handy as Gichuru rose to become arguably one of the best female TV anchors in the country.

    Gichuru has also enjoyed success outside media. She co-owns MIMI online shop with her husband of 15 years, Anthony Gichuru and has shares at Footprints for Africa, and Arimus Media.

    She has also had to endure some challenging phases in her life as she was forced to work at a pancake factory in the UK to cater for her Masters Education.

    A building inside Loreto Convent Musongari in Nairobi.
    A building inside Loreto Convent Musongari in Nairobi.