NTV Anchor Dresses Up as Pastor to Scold Politicians [VIDEO]

  • NTV anchor Dann Mwangi dressed as a pastor for a report on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.
    NTV anchor Dann Mwangi dressed as a pastor for a report on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.
  • NTV News anchor Dann Mwangi temporarily walked away from journalism's established tradition of packaging news to deliver a special message to politicians.

    In the Wednesday, October 7, rendition the anchor dressed up as a pastor complete with a clerical collar for a 3-minute prime time report.

    He took to the pulpit and went on to reveal that the holy platform had been taken over by politicians to present their populist performances.

    "Let's get to the next part of our disservice or service. In some places, previously pure power-pact podium, the pulpit but lately a popular political platform painfully percolated by populist performances. Culprits, preachers and politicians.

    NTV anchor Dann Mwangi in studio.
    NTV anchor Dann Mwangi in studio.
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    "They handed the sanctity of the sounds of the Lord's house to politically charged and division preaching scouts," he opened his spoken word report.

    To complement his alliteration, videos of chaos in charges were played alongside speeches from President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and other leaders while at the pulpit.

    Mwangi further noted that politicians had altered the heartbeat of the alter and used it to preach division.

    "Those who have turned worship services which held Christian needs into mini-rallies just with more than prayers, His (God's) wrath is coming friends," he added.

    He later advised congregants and their religious leaders to determine whether they were serving God or the leaders who were increasingly taking over the pulpit.

    While making his rendition, Mwangi was dressed in a sky blue shirt and blazer mimicking those of Men of the Cloth.

    His report comes at the backdrop of political heat arising from the death of two people after rival political groups clashed  in Murang'a.

    The Sunday, October 4, incident happened just minutes before the deputy president was scheduled to attend a wedding at the church.

    Below is Dan Mwangi's video: