Teenager Vanishes With Father's Dowry on Wedding Day

Congregants at a wedding in a church in Kenya

A 17-year-old boy stole and vanished with 17 cows ahead of his father's fourth wedding in Tana River County on Tuesday, October 6. 

The teenager and the father had quarrelled over the old man's decision to marry a fourth wife, reportedly a 17-year-old girl.

He had also accused his father of barring him from marrying, lamenting that he was selfish and wanted to waste resources. 

The father collapsed and fell ill after learning of the incident after waking up on the same day. The teenager had locked him inside his house before escaping with the dowry at 2 a.m.

Herders grazing livestock in a semi-arid region in Kenya

The nuptials were called off and a manhunt was launched for the 17-year-old son. 

"My brother has been introducing the bride he wants to marry to our father, but it seems our father has his own preference of the kind of women he wants us to marry, so he keeps rejecting our choices.

"We did not have a peaceful night on Sunday, October 4. They almost went for each other’s throats, to the point that my father disowned him," the teenager's younger brother stated. 

The son headed towards Boni Forest with the livestock as the father was rushed to a private hospital in Garsen for medication.

His wives sympathised with him after his return but lamented that he was at fault for not listening to his sons. 

"He only drinks milk and nothing else and has even refused to eat. He locks himself inside the house and only comes out at night for fresh air. He appears to be depressed and in sorrow," one of the wives stated. 

The elders resorted to solving the matter traditionally rather than forwarding it a police station. 

A file image of a wedding venue in Nairobi, Kenya
A file image of a wedding venue in Nairobi, Kenya