Kiambu Man Innovates electric wheelchair Using Scrap Metals

  • A screenshot of Martin Wahome working on his electric wheelchair.
    A screenshot of Martin Wahome working on his electric wheelchair.
  • A middle aged man in Thika, Kiambu County, has innovated an electric wheelchair which he hopes will help the disabled persons in Kenya.

    What began as passion for Martin Wahome turned to be a viable opportunity for him with the invention has been brought to gaining traction in Kiambu and beyond.

    The father of two stated that he makes custom electrically powered wheelchairs from scrap metals. He maintains that the scrap metals he acquires locally are more durable and therefore make his invention durable.

    A screenshot of Martin Wahome.
    A screenshot of Martin Wahome.

    "I only use locally available materials such as bicycle parts, old mattresses, cushions and many other materials which are locally available," he told K24.

    Wahome stated that the wheelchair, powered by lithium ion batteries, can maneuver a wide range of terrains with ease as he has incorporated firm technology to support the mobility equipment.

    The invention, Wahome opines, will be of great help to disabled persons who have to rely on passers by as well as affable people to aid them on their activities.

    "The joy stick helps the user to move around in any direction that they want to go at a preferableĀ speed," said Wahome.

    The cost of an imported wheelchair ranges from Ksh200,000 to Ksh300,000, but Wahome's invention costs between Ksh65,000 and Ksh75,000.

    According to Wahome, the novel innovation is good proof as to what youths can achieve if financially empowered.

    The invention if adopted, will help many people living with disability. The Global disability Rides and International Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, almost 1.16 million Kenyans have mobility related disabilities and more than half of these figures live in the rural areas.