Form Four Student Innovates Technology to Nab Thieves

  • An image of Kamangu
    Francis Kamanga a form four student at Ngenia High School in Limuru, Kiambu county who come up with a new alarm system.
  • A form four student Francis Kamanga, has invented a simple alarm system aimed at nabbing thieves.

    The student at Ngenia high school in Limuru, Kiambu county, was inspired to develop the system after thieves raided their home and made away with his chicken.

    The system is so advanced that aside from raising an alarm whenever someone breaks into the house it also calls the house owner.

    An image of Kamanga's innovation
    Part of the system innovated by Francis Kamanga a form four student at Ngenia High School in Limuru, Kiambu county.

    The security system is also equipped with the capability to take pictures of the burglar which then can be used for identification purposes whenever the homeowner is away.

    The student explained that his innovation runs on battery, which means it can be used in areas without electricity.

    "The system does not require electricity, it is in fact powered by car battery and can be connected to a solar panel to recharge it.

    "The project has so far cost me Ksh, 40,000 which was loaned to me by my parents," he noted.

    Kamanga consulted his physics teacher before embarking on the project after his chicken venture went down the drain.

    The innovation has won him several awards at the Science Congress, with teachers appreciating his efforts.

    The technology has been installed in all their houses and the chicken coop with his aunt also adopted the system in her rental houses to improve security for her tenants.

    Kamanga's mum has hailed the security system despite not treating it with seriousness when it was in the initial stages.

    "We saw it as a joke because it is something he started in school.

    "He fitted the system in our home, but we still did not take it seriously, we however offered him financial assistance," explained the mum.

    The family is also appealing to firms to help patent the innovation and offer him financial assistance to enable Kamangu to commercialise it.

    Kamangu will be forced to reach out to National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) who regulate and assure quality in the science, technology and innovation sector.

    A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene
    A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene