Judge Furious as Waititu Fails to Show up in Court

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    Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu appears in court in 2018
  • Trial Magistrate Nzuki Thomas was left incensed on Wednesday, October 21, after former governor Ferdinand Waititu failed to show up for his hearing.

    According to his lawyer who produced clinic notes, Waititu is currently on a 7-day bed rest period as recommended by his physician starting October 17.

    This was after he complained of chest pains, headache and dizziness.

    “Let people attend hearings. I don’t want to hear adjournments. Don’t come and generate another medical opinion," the Magistrate stated.

    Ferdinand Waititu and his wife Susan Wangari.
    Ferdinand Waititu and his wife Susan Wangari.

    The magistrate was frustrated given during the last hearing, lawyer John Swaka told the court that his client, who is out on a Ksh30 million bond, contracted Covid-19 and has been unwell, and so he could not turn up for the hearing.

    The lawyer asked for an adjournment of the case, a request that Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Nicholas Mutuku did not oppose.

    Magistrate Nzioki allowed for the adjournment saying the application had merit. However, he directed the lawyer to provide medical documents on today (October 21) when the case was to be mentioned.

    “The DPP will do background checks to verify the information,” the magistrate said at the time.

    Waititu and his wife Susan Wangari alongside 8 others are embroiled in a corruption case over an alleged Ksh588million tender that is said to have been awarded irregularly.

    The former governor was impeached following the case, which allowed for the matter to be prosecuted in court.

    Interestingly, on March 13, Waititu resurfaced to announced that he was a KANU member, and that he had never renounced the Party despite successfully running for governorship in the August 8, 2017 general election under the ruling Jubilee Party.

    “I was elected the chairperson of KANU Party in Embakasi when the political outfit was very strong in the country. During those days, being the chairman of a political party, one had to be voted for. I am still the party’s leader in Embakasi. There has never been any subsequent election to remove me from office," he stated.

    During a candid interview in May 2020, the politician begrudged the fact that his former 'allies' were no longer available to him.

    "I have now understood the politics better. When I was Kiambu Governor, I used to receive a lot of calls from different people especially politicians seeking different favours from me. Some I built their careers and helped them win, but now they don’t pick my calls when I call them,” he lamented.

    Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu pictured walking along Biashara Street in Nairobi.
    Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu pictured walking along Biashara Street in Nairobi.