Ex-IEBC Boss Awarded Ksh2.6 Million For Wife's Death

  • Former IEBC commissioners Thomas Letangule (centre), Mohamed Alawi (left) and Yusuf Nzibo (right)
    Former IEBC commissioners Thomas Letangule (centre), Mohamed Alawi (left) and Yusuf Nzibo (right)
  • Former IEBC Commissioner Thomas Letangule on Thursday, October 22, got a reprieve after he was awarded Ksh2.6 million from a health medical centre where his wife died.

    In a ruling, Justice Lucy Njuguna stated that the medical facility was responsible for the death of his spouse Esther Letangule which occurred during childbirth.

    “The aforesaid injury, pain and subsequent death were solely caused by the negligence and carelessness of the hospital at the material time, and the plaintiff (Thomas Letangule) holds them liable for the breach of their duty of care,” read a part of the judgment.

    Esther, who was the former commissioner's third wife, passed away on April 10, 2013, after she suffered complications after birth.

    Former IEBC Commissioner Thomas Letangule
    Former IEBC Commissioner Thomas Letangule with a picture of his wife in 2013.

    After conducting an inquiry, the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board found that the death was as a result of ‘negligence’ as she suffered a brain haemorrhage caused by high blood pressure during delivery.

    A comprehensive inspection by the board of the facility on Maai Mahiu Road in Nairobi West was also ordered.

    The ex-IEBC Commissioner, Letangule, later sued the facility for special damages.

    Letangule sued the hospital for special damages as he maintained that his wife was healthy, and lived a happy life.

    In court documents, Letangule disclosed that his wife complained of blurred vision, swelling of the limbs and face as well as a severe headache.

    He further told the court, that the medical staff did not tend to her in time even though she had been admitted to the facility.

    She managed to deliver a baby girl, but her condition got worse before passing away on the same day.

    The hospital, however, maintained that they had offered the best possible care for the patient at the time.

    Ventilator set up as seen in a hospital.
    Ventilator set up as seen in a hospital.