Behind Enemy Lines: KDF's Elite Secret Unit

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    KDF troops operating under AMISOM in Kuday - Somalia
  • The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has several units delegated with different tasks. The Long Range Surveillance Unit (LRS) is one of the elite units as it is highly secretive and performs covert operations. 

    Soldiers in this unit are among the best trained as they carry out hectic and dangerous missions such as gathering information behind enemy lines. 

    They are part of the KDF personnel sent to Somalia to wage war on the terror group Al Shabaab

    The objective role of LSR includes tracking and identifying enemy camps for bombardment or special attacks.

    KDF officers march during a graduation ceremony at Laikipia Air Base, on August 20, 2020.

    They also track enemies who need to be eliminated and inform of their whereabouts and movements by collecting intelligence. 

    LSR can undertake surveillance missions for hours using stealth techniques and are trained to camouflage in all kinds of terrain. 

    They work hand in hand with the Special Operations Regiment (SOR) which comprises a mixture of a variety of Kenya's best units.

    The regiment is trained to track and assassinate targets.  

    SOR is made up of the 20th Para, the 40 Rangers Strike Force and the 30 Special Forces. 

    They also beef up security in the country when foreign special dignitaries tour and protect the President. 

    SOR is highly trained in weapons, intelligence gathering and battlefield medicine. They are usually deployed alongside almost every battalion in KDF. 

    "The continuous participation of our military in national and regional security missions reflects the confidence that the international community, through the United Nations and the Security Council, in particular, has in our Nation’s Defence Forces.

    "This, indeed, is a true testimony of the high standards of our military training and professionalism," President Uhuru Kenyatta noted during a pass out parade for KDF's recruits in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County in September 2020. 

    Kenya's military was ranked as the 12th most powerful military in Africa according to the annual Global Fire Power report for 2020 released on June 16. Globally, KDF was ranked 84 out of the 138 modern militaries ranked according to their capabilities.

    KDF troops operating under AMISOM in Kuday - Somalia
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