NTSA Announces Crackdown on Rogue Matatus

  • File image of matatus on the streets of Nairobi
    File image of matatus on the streets of Nairobi
  • The National Transport and Safety (NTSA) has announced a crackdown against rogue matatus taking advantage of loopholes in the Nairobi roads projects.

    A report by NTV on Tuesday night, November 3, detailed how drivers were using diversions to escape traffic snarl-ups. 

    The matatus also drove on the new cabro pathways forcing pedestrians to pave way for drivers.

    The drivers were also spotted driving on the wrong lanes of the road, almost causing accidents through head-on collisions and knocking down pedestrians

    File image of NTSA traffic police inspecting a PSV matatu

    Drivers also switched lanes easily due to the reduced height of roads near pavements. The drivers use spotters who walk ahead and signal them on where to meander through traffic.

    Touts also signal the drivers to take advantage of areas where police and county askaris have relapsed. 

    "We are in receipt of this report. We will take the necessary action. Drivers must be mindful of vulnerable road users. Remember, everyone is a pedestrian," NTSA warned.

    An official at the agency added that officials will track down spotted vehicles and also beef up supervision in CBD.

    NTSA's punitive measures include revoking licenses for both vehicles and drivers and also imposing fines. 

    The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) under General Mohamed Badi laid down plans to kick out matatus from the CBD.

    NMS is building two termini at entry points in Nairobi where matatus will operate from. Saccos, drivers and touts challenged the orders to operate outside CBD in the plans unveiled to reduce decongestion. 

    Road contractors recarpeting Moi Avenue at night
    Road contractors recarpeting Moi Avenue at night
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