Govt Warning to Kenyans Boarding Matatus at Full Capacity

  • File images of matatus at a bus terminus in Nairobi
    File images of matatus at a bus terminus in Nairobi
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  • Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has issued a warning targeted at members of the public who have been boarding matatus carrying passengers at full capacity.

    In a statement on Wednesday, November 11, the soft-spoken retired colonel told passengers to be wary of matatus that are full to capacity amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

    He further noted that the state would not in any way facilitate the treatment of Covid-19 patients who contracts the virus through an overcrowded Public Service Vehicle (PSV).

    “Do not board a matatu if there is no physical distancing. If you contract covid-19, you are on your own… the initiative has to come from you.

    Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna addresses a press conference at his office in Nairobi on January 4, 2020
    Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna addresses the media at his office in Nairobi on January 4, 2020
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    "Individuals, employers and organisations should promote physical distancing & help reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection in our community,” stated Oguna.

    While speaking at the Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya event, Oguna used his own experience with the deadly virus as a cautionary tale.

    In July, the spokesperson tested positive for Covid-19 revealing that he got tested after developing symptoms similar to the disease following a work assignment.

    "I was in hospital for 29 days suffering from Covid-19 which is a lonely disease. Anyone who has tested positive needs love and not stigma as you can recover and move on with your life," he narrated.

    He reinforced a directive by the Ministry of Health that the disease could be prevented by maintaining high levels of hygiene and wearing masks.

    "Without adhering to the Covid-19 measures, we might lose many of our people. We can protect ourselves if we all adhere to the containment measure.

    "These measures include proper wearing of masks, physical distancing, hand washing with soap and running water," he added.

    This comes as matatu operators demand that the state allow them to resume full capacity claiming that keeping one-meter distance in the vehicle had significantly affected their revenues.

    The team complained that President Uhuru Kenyatta had lifted the curfew, opened bars and allowed schools to partially reopen - but remained mum about the public transport sector.

    File image of matatus on the streets of Nairobi
    File image of matatus on the streets of Nairobi