MP Murunga's Wives Demand Ksh10M From His Lover

  • The late Matungu MP Justus Murunga.
    The late Matungu MP Justus Murunga.
  • The widows of the late Matungu MP Justus Murunga have asked a woman who claimed to have children with the deceased to make a deposit of Ksh10 million to cater for mortuary and other expenses.

    In an affidavit, the widows asked Agnes Wangui Wambiri to make the deposit if the court fails to lift the injunction that has prohibited the family from burying Murunga on November 28, 2020.

    They argue that parliament would take care of the deceased's mortuary bills up until November 26, 2020. The family would, however, be expected to pay the costs if the burial is held later.

    The late Matungu MP Justus Murunga addressing a crowd
    The late Matungu MP Justus Murunga addressing a crowd.
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    "The injunction is disruptive as the burial of the deceased has been set for November 28, in Matungu constituency, Kakamega County. That grave injustice will be caused if the injunction is maintained and the burial arrangement scuttled and (then) the DNA returns a negative result," reads the affidavit.

    The widows also stated that the public health department had directed them to bury the legislator before the said date.

    "Many of Murunga's friends have made travel arrangements for the November 27 and 28. It would be a great inconvenience if the burial was to be delayed," they added.

    Prior to Murunga's death, the widows stated that they did not know Mwambiri or her children.

    However, the duo stated that they did not object to allowing Wambiri to take DNA samples to establish paternity.

    "In order for justice to be served to all parties, we have no objection to the plaintiff's medical experts taking samples from the deceased's body for DNA analysis to determine the alleged children's paternity," reads the affidavit.

    Wambiri filed a suit at the Milimani Law Courts, seeking to stop the deceased's burial.

    She alleged that she had been in a relationship with the MP for seven years and that they had two children.

    “I first met the deceased in 2012, when he was a supervisor at the Embakasi Ranching while I was a businesswoman engaged in vending of beverages and snacks within Sewerage area, Ruai," reads an affidavit.