Missing School Girls Found With Ksh52,000 After Police Raid

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    Simon Kiragu
  • Detectives from the DCI's Child Protection Unit found some Ksh52,000 from one of the seven missing Nairobi girls who had been rescued on Friday, November 20.

    The girl, through her statement to the DCI, noted that the money had been raised by the group for a secret trip to Malindi where she and other girls would have camped till January.

    This trip, she stated, would involve parties meant to introduce the girls to prostitution.

    Police officers at a scene in a previous incident
    Police officers at a scene of crime in a previous incident

    A source, who sought anonymity, spoke to a local media house and revealed that the girls had been spending the nights at Buruburu Estate in Nairobi.

    Four men, alleged to be high school students, were said to have spent time together with the school girls. The source also disclosed that a host named "Alex" was in charge of the operation. 

    The source noted that random men would pick the girls and take them to various places. The girl’s statement also revealed that she was taken to live with Alex's brother in his house in Thika.

    She noted that two of the other missing girls joined her as the three were allegedly brought to the said house for sexual exploitation.

    The statement also indicated that the girls were intoxicated with drugs and alcohol before engaging in these parties.

    The DCI detectives noted that they are following up on "Carty gang", a group of nine teenagers, believed to be high school students, who are actively recruiting young girls in Komarock.

    The seven teenage girls had gone missing on Saturday, November 14, after they were lured by a job advert on movie casting roles.

    The seven teenagers were last seen in Komarock, Nairobi, with the last person in contact with the girls being a Caucasian male. 

    The DCI would later rescue three of the seven girls. 

    The girls, after being grilled by the detectives, claimed that they were bored at home and sought an adventure after having been indoors since the covid-19 outbreak in March.

    Police officers pictured at a scene of a crime as residents look on.
    Police officers pictured at a scene of a crime as residents look on.