Matete Seeks Financial Assistance from Well Wishers

  • Gospel Musician Ruth Matete.
    Gospel Musician Ruth Matete.
  • Gospel Musician Ruth Matete revealed she was going through a rough patch since her Nigerian husband passed on in March.

    Taking to social media, she penned an emotional message to her daughter while also seeking support from well wishers to assist them during the strenuous times.

    She noted that she was not in a position to work hence has resorted to seeking financial assistance.

    Gospel singer Ruth Matete pictured with her late husband BelovedJohn Apewajoye
    Gospel singer Ruth Matete pictured with her late husband BelovedJohn Apewajoye

    "Friends, our number is ... in case you wish to support us. Whatever you can, will go a mighty long way as am still not able to work," read part of the post.

    She noted the hard times she faced after her husband John Apewajoye's death. Her lengthy post was meant to commemorate their first wedding anniversary. 

    Her husband succumbed to burn injuries he sustained after a gas explosion at their home in Athi River earlier in the year.

    Matete rose to fame after participating in the critically acclaimed Tusker Project Fame 5, where she managed to walk away as the winner scooping Ksh 5 million prize money.

    In a past interview, she revealed that after the contest, she received lots of events and lucrative gigs owing to the fame that followed her rise to stardom.

    However, she revealed that turbulent times in her life have led her to appeal for financial assistance for her and her new born daughter.

    The TPF show saw the rise of many talents, some of whom capitalized on their fame and achieved notable success, while others struggled to reach the stardom that many fans had ultimately envisioned. 

    Another past TPF star, David Major also fell into hard times as photos emerged of his miserable life in the streets of Mirema Drive in Roysambu, Nairobi County.

    The former season two contestant roamed the streets seeking financial aid from well wishers and passersby. His plight was highlighted on social media as fellow TPF star Alvin Gatitu and other well wishers teamed up to help him get back on his feet.

    Forme TPF contestant David Major
    Forme TPF contestant David Major