Family Forced to Bury Businessman in His Bedroom

  • A coffin
    A coffin
  • A family of Mutaga village, Kirinyaga County was on Wednesday, November 25, forced to hold a burial ceremony inside the bedroom of their house at the behest of their deceased father. 

    Reports indicate that the 65-year-old deceased man, Simon Muriithi, who was a notable businessman in the region, had given the directive before his demise.

    In a video seen by, the bedroom had been opened up to allow for space for the coffin to be placed inside the house which had been turned into a gravesite.

    Residents during a burial ceremony in Murang'a on September 26, 2020.
    Residents during a burial ceremony in Murang'a on September 26, 2020.

    A section of mourners could be seen as they stood dumbfounded by the one of a kind ceremony.

    Deacon Jackson Muchiri of AIPCA Church Kiandumu who presided over the ceremony noted that in his 38 years of service, he had not presided nor witnessed a Christian being interred inside his own bedroom.

    “Normally, people are buried outside, this is a new one, I have not seen this in my 38 years of service,” Muchiri told Citizen Digital.

    Cases of families burying their loved ones inside the bedrooms of their house are quite rare.

    In a similar incident in September, a man was stopped by angered residents in Murang'a County after his efforts to bury his wife at their bedroom were deemed futile.

    Reports indicated that the husband wanted to fulfill the request of his wife who had wished to be buried in the house.

    In another scenario in 2014, a family in Kilifi County also buried their 85-year-old father in his bedroom. The family noted that the father of 10, had issued threats to them if they did not follow through on his demands.

    The brother to the deceased spoke out on the matter and noted that the family resorted to granting the deceased's request to avoid a tragedy befalling the family.

    A casket being lowered into the ground
    A casket being lowered into the ground