Drama as Man is Blocked from Burying Wife in Bedroom [VIDEO]

  • Residents during a burial ceremony in Murang'a on September 26, 2020.
    Residents during a burial ceremony in Murang'a on September 26, 2020.
  • There was drama in Murang'a County when villagers blocked a man who was trying to bury his wife in their bedroom.

    The incident which occurred on Saturday, September 26, angered residents who stopped the man from completing his mission.

    A grave had already been dug in the house which Kenyans.co.ke learned that the husband had to contract workers from outside the area to fulfill.

    Watch the video of the drama below:

    According to the family, it was the mother's wish to be buried in the house which was yet to be completed.

    Sources who spoke to Kenyans.co.ke disclosed that the man belonged to a religious sect that believed the dead were just asleep.

    "The sect believes that the dead have just gone to sleep and will wake up, that is why he wanted to bury her in the bedroom," the Murang'a resident explained.

    Residents who had been turned away from attending the funeral stormed the residence and threw planks of wood in the grave in protest.

    With all the commotion, the burial of the woman did not take place as her body was returned to Kangema Funeral Home.

    Cases of spouses opting to bury their loved ones in the houses are quite rare, if ever reported.

    In 2015, a man in Nyamira buried his wife in their matrimonial bedroom stating that he would not be separated from her even in death. 

    Residents were stunned but respected the decision offering to fit the casket into the house.

    The man explained that found it disrespectful to bury loved ones outside.

    Watch the video of the incident below: