6 Reasons Why Students are Burning Schools - Report

  • The Ministry of Education on Tuesday released findings of an inquiry into the cause of school burning, a trend that has been on the rise over the past one month.

    During a closed-door meeting, the Ministry noted that fear of the expected strict supervision of national exams, poor leadership, unrealistic rules and drug abuse were some of the reasons behind the spate of arson attacks.

    The preliminary audit report also highlighted that existence of bad blood between school head-teachers and their deputies, and poor communication skills by school administrators contributed to student unrest.

    The analysis further notes that incompetence among senior Ministry of Education field officers could have fuelled unrest and destruction of property in schools.

    Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i released the findings two days after imposing strict regulations on students from schools involved in the chaotic incidents. 

    Matiang'i said that culprits from the said schools would not be allowed to transfer to other institutions.

    He noted that a student seeking transfer will need an approval letter from the Sub-County Directors of Education.

    Matiang'i said that his Ministry would not allow learners involved in the burning of schools to spread their bad behaviour to other institutions.

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