Standard Managing Editor Quits

  • Standard media group offices
    Standard media group offices
  • The Standard newspaper's Managing Editor Dennis Galava has left the media house for greener pastures. 

    Galava joined the media house on 1st October 2019 for a 3-year stint. A source said Galavu's exit was voluntary and amicable unlike his departure from Nation Media Group (NMG). 

    In a message to the newspaper staff, Galava informed said that Wednesday, December 16, was his last day and thanked the staff for their support.  

    He joined Standard after he had been shown the door at the NMG where he was fired under controversial circumstances.

    Galavu's controversial exit at NMG was allegedly due to the bold criticism directed at President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2016, in an editorial titled; Mr.President, get your act together this year.

    Dennis Galava
    Dennis Galava

    In the editorial piece, Galava addressed President Uhuru Kenyatta directly over how his government had responded to national crises in 2015.

    A few days after the editorial column was published, the veteran journalist was suspended because he hadn’t “followed the correct procedure” before publishing and his contract was terminated immediately.

    "Just been fired over the editorial I wrote in the Saturday Nation on January 2," Galava announced his unceremonious exit on January 20, 2016.

    He later sued the NMG for irregular termination of an employment contract, seeking Ksh425 Million in damages

    After leaving Nation, Galava moved to London where was a visiting research fellow at the King's College London.

    He then moved back to Nairobi in 2017, where he took up the role of Director Media Relations and Advocacy for the African Wildlife Foundation, a position he held until he moved to the Standard.   

    He is highly regarded in the print media industry, mostly due to his vast experience and bold editorial leadership.

    He holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Kenyatta University, a Master's degree in Peace Studies from Coventry University, a Master's in Africa Studies from Oxford University and is currently finalising his Ph.D studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

    Mr. Galava shares a moment with Larry Madowo
    Mr. Galava shares a moment with Larry Madowo