I Lost My House & Car After Leaving Kiss FM - Andrew Kibe

  • File image of former KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe
    File image of former KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe
  • Media celebrity Andrew Kibe has opened up about how leaving a lucrative Kiss FM job led to a difficult period in his life. 

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on Wednesday, January 6, the Kibe stated that though he had planned to open up his Rogue Radio investment after leaving Kiss FM, things didn't go as planned. 

    After losing his biggest income stream, he lost his car and house and was homeless for a while before he got back on his feet.

    File image of media personality Andrew Kibe
    File image of media personality Andrew Kibe

    "2020 ilikuwa imeniokota bruh (2020 hit me hard), I lost my moti (car), I lost the house I was living in, I was homeless for a moment," he confessed in a video on Instagram. 

    Despite reaching out to friends to help him set up his own internet radio, he said that his acquaintances bailed out on him and sometimes his messages were not returned. 

    When I left Kiss FM my friends thought I had been fired and did not want to help. All the calls and texts I was getting stopped coming,” he confided.

    He added that he would pitch his ideas to possible investors but none of them would commit funds.

    Kibe eventually partnered with a friend and after convincing one of his relatives to invest in the internet radio idea, he was able to kick-off and build a studio from where he launched his Rogue Radio stream in November 2020. 

    Describing it as his biggest achievement so far, he expressed hope that the investment would pay off soon by attracting investors.  

    The studio includes a round-table setup and a control room, with the artwork celebrating African legends such as E-Sir and Thomas Sankara adorning the walls. The station’s logo was selected as part of an online challenge from Kibe.

    One of the biggest lessons he has brought to his station from the mainstream radio industry is the existing structures in terms of administration. 

    "Apart from the structures, Rogue Radio has a very progressive content strategy which allows us the creative freedom you would normally not see in the mainstream radio stations. We play the music that you won't hear elsewhere as well as discuss topics others are afraid of tackling. Internet radio is the future of this industry," he explained. 

    Andrew Kibe (right) poses for a photo outside his radio station on Tuesday, November 24, 2020