Andrew Kibe Unveils Own Media Station

  • File image of former KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe
    File image of former KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe
  • Former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe has unveiled his own media station, five months after quitting Radio Africa Group. 

    The station comprises of a radio station known as Rogue Radio which will be based online. It will play music, create content and has plans to expand to news and other productions. 

    Speaking to on Tuesday, November 23, Kibe stated that his plan is for the station to operate 24/7 and be unique from existing platforms.

    The station will be launched on Monday, November 30.

    Inside Andrew Kibe's Rogie Radio
    Inside Andrew Kibe's Rogie Radio

    The former NRG Radio presenter declined to disclose the location of the studios but affirmed that they are based in Nairobi County. 

    "It is the next real thing, not the next big thing. For years, we have had people terming their projects as the 'next big thing'.

    "We want to talk about the truth and offer artists a chance to play their music, which mainstream media does not want to play. I have followers as far as in the diaspora and they will access links similar to those used in Kenya to listen to us," he stated. 

    Reports had alleged that mass recruitment was already underway. 

    Kibe, however, declined to comment on the reports. Nonetheless, on his social media pages, he announced signing a few individuals to his station. 

    On Sunday, July 26, he launched a series of podcasts which he stated would be used as a content creation platform. He stated that this podcast series would run concurrently with his media station. 

    The media personality is famous for his hard-hitting advice which some have labelled controversial. 

    Andrew Kibe (right) poses for a photo outside his radio station on Tuesday, November 24, 2020