Arrested Son Blames TV Show For Murder of Father & Mother

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    Women consoling each after the murder of a family in Kiambu (left), Killing Eve, a British dark comedy-drama spy thriller television series.
  • In a shocking turn of events, Lawrence Njoroge who is linked to the gruesome killing of his family members in Kiambu County revealed that he was inspired by a TV show.

    In a chilling confession to the police on Sunday, January 10, Njoroge claimed that his actions were motivated by Killing Eve, a British dark comedy-drama.

    The university student went on to reveal that he was influenced by, Villanelle, a psychopathic assassin character in the TV series.

    Relatives and residents of Karura village grief outside the home of a Kiambu family that was murdered
    Relatives and residents of Karura village grief outside the home of a Kiambu family that was murdered.
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    Villanelle is an assassin in the series who works for a crime syndicate called The Twelve which is the arch-nemesis of British intelligence agent Eve Polastri.

    The female character is a brutal hired assassin, who soon becomes involved in a cat-and-mouse game with MI5 intelligence operative Polastri.

    The two women become mutually obsessed and shared some chemistry between bitter enemies and would-be lovers.

    As the series progresses, Villanelle's backstory is revealed; an orphan with a violent reputation.

    She once developed an obsession for a language teacher named Anna with whom she had an affair.

    The affair ended in murder after a jealous Villanelle castrated Anna's husband to eliminate competition.

    In the series, Villanelle is described as a "chillingly relatable monster" who takes "fulsome pleasure" in a murder well performed.

    Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua issued a response to the story as he emphasized on content regulation. 

    "When we say that content consumed by our kids has a bearing on our national security, this is exactly what we mean. Media content influences behaviour and the thinking of consumers, especially children.

    "Kids who consume violent content have a likelihood of becoming violent adults," said Mutua.

    Njoroge was arrested on Saturday, January 9, after he was flushed out of his hideout in Lower Kabete, Kiambu County, by detectives.

    Despite switching off his phone, police managed to track down his last signal and was arrested alongside a woman believed to be his girlfriend. 

    Following his arrest, police recovered burnt blood-stained clothes, home keys, crushed mobile phones, rods and the knife suspected to have been used to commit the crime.

    Police fetch a body at a crime scene in Kiambu in 2019
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