Son Stabs Father and Mother To Death in Makueni county

  • crime scene
    A police crime scene
    Citizen Digital
  • A man has been arrested after allegedly killing his father and mother in Muiu village, in Makueni county, under unclear circumstances.

    Makueni Police Commander, Joseph Napeiyan, stated that the suspect stabbed his parents severally with a knife and later chopped them with a machete.

    Police said that the suspect later attempted suicide, but was unsuccessful and had to be rushed to Kitungu Sub District Hospital.

    The bodies of the deceased were transferred to the Kitungu Sub District hospital after police officers arrived at the scene. The suspect will be charged with the murder of his parents.

    police car in a crime scene
    police car at a crime scene
    Citizen Digital

    This murder incident comes a few weeks after a similar case involving a household in Kiambu was reported with the suspect, a son, confessing to killing his parents, brother, nephew and a farmhand.

    Research suggests that children who commit such acts fall into one of three categories; the severely mentally ill child, the dangerously antisocial child, and the severely abused child.

    The most common, in over 90 percent of cases according to one study is the severely abused child who is pushed beyond his or her limits.

    It further states that more time should be spent in teaching and implementing parenting skills. There is need to teach the basics of how children form a relationship and how to make that relationship as rewarding as possible for the child and for the parent.

    Entrance to a Kenya police station.
    Entrance to a Kenya police station.