Kenyans Express Concern over New WhatsApp Feature

  • File image of a man on his phone
    File image of a man on his phone
  • WhatsApp which is currently owned by Facebook has introduced a new feature that appears on user's usual status. The new feature will be used by the company to notify its users of future updates and new features. 

    All Whatsapp users will now be able to see their WhatsApp as part of the status after the company launched the feature on Wednesday. You can view your Whatsapp’s status on top of your saved contacts. 

    However, the new updated feature has received criticism from Kenyans who have questioned how the company intends to continue protecting their privacy. Ideally, users are supposed to view what their saved contacts have posted. 

    A Mobile Phone User
    A person using a phone

    A number of Kenyans expressed their views, with many of them clearly appearing unimpressed.

    "Leo naamka asubuhi nakutana na status ya WhatsApp kumbe walisave number yangu," stated Aleiiki Kaciku.

    " WhatsApp just Joined WhatsApp status na wanastruggle sana kueleza how your data will be shared," added one Bravin Yuri.

    "Whatsapp just joined WhatsApp status to explain itself. One thing that they're not denying is that they'll share your profile data with whoever wants them," added a Mr Abram, sentiments that were shared by Andrew Ndambuki who stated thus: " I fee ni kama niko na uninvited guest in myphone Smh."

    The new feature comes a few weeks after WhatsApp updated it's privacy policy early 2021 to enable the company share data with Facebook. All users were required to accept the new policy or stop using the app.

    The privacy policy led to many user opting for other social networking sites such as Telegram which has since grown by over 90 million new users. The policy has since been paused after it received criticism from WhatsApp user around the world. 

    In 2020, WhatsApp introduced other features such a the dark mode, group calls and the search engine mode which saves users time by allowing them to search for contacts, messages and even links.  

    WhatsApp use has continued to be and has even been made an official channel of communication in many organizations in Kenya.

    A Lady using a phone
    A Lady using a phone.