KDF Training is Hell - Recruits Narrate Process in Video

  • A past KDF recruitment drive
    A past KDF recruitment drive
  • The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruitment process is ranked among the hardest and most intense training in the country where recruits undergo a rigorous training program before they are accepted to the force. 

    As the recruitment exercise kicked off on Monday, February 8, KDF shared a sneak peek into the tough training sessions guaranteed to pick only the best who can endure the tough exercise.

    A recruit who successfully went through the process revealed that the whole exercise was very daunting to him and thousands of others who join the training every year.

    "The verification of documents and medical tests took around two weeks after which we began the official training. We first went to Kasirika stadium.

    A KDF soldier conducting a recruitment exercise
    A KDF soldier conducting a recruitment exercise

    "I remember it very well, it was hell. I didn't really like the training the way it began, but I had to accept it," stated Peter Opole, one of the soldiers said. 

    The exercise involves a lot of physical training that requires mental and physical perseverance with the trainers taking the trainees through intense workouts such as crawling on the ground in a technical format as well as operating guns.

    "We started with physical training. It was so hard but we were being encouraged. I had that spirit because I really wanted to be part and parcel of KDF," said Genevieve Ojwang', another successful recruit.

    Officials conducting the exercise have in the past advised recruits to have the courage and determination to survive the whole exercise.

    The whole training routine is divided into various sections including Career Development, Marksmanship (which are skills in shooting), Drill and Duty, Field Craft and Physical Fitness lessons.

    "The skill sets that we impart them include both defensive and offensive to ensure that we give them the ability to protect themselves from the enemy.

    "We believe that our soldiers, man to man and woman to woman, are the best," stated Colonel Meshack Kishoyian who is among the trainers.

    Past recruits also advised new counterparts to be prepared psychologically since the exercises were highly likely to take a toll on them.

    In the video, the new recruits were seen competing to run while holding their guns ready to shoot and at some point, went up ladders while fully armed.

    They are also subjected to various conditions and were trained on dusty grounds as well as thickets. At some point, they were ordered to roll in the freshly cut grass.

    "This kind of exercise involves exerting yourself so you must be physically fit. Unfortunately, some report when they are not very well prepared

    "The physical aspect of the training will break them down both physically, mentally and morally. As a chief instructor, we try to take them gradually... It is a tough job, we should also be tough in the training," added Keshoyian.

    Physical fitness is made a priority in KDF which is regarded as a foundation in each and every soldier.

    Individuals with underlying medical conditions as well as those who have been on treatment for mental illness and those who have been through rehabilitation are discouraged from enrolling for KDF training.

    Belo is the video:

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