Capital FM Hires US, UK Presenters After Mass Exit

  • Capital FM investor Chris Kirubi at the station's studio
    Capital FM investor Chris Kirubi at the station's studio
  • Capital FM has tapped top international talent to lead the new direction the station will be taking in the coming days. 

    Speaking to, a highly placed source at the station intimated that four new presenters will debut the Kenyan airwaves on February 15.

    The presenters were sourced from the radio industry in the US, UK and Australia and have never been on air in Kenya. 

    A file image of a radio station
    A file image of a radio station

    “On the 15th of February, we will be launching an exciting brand-new Capital in the Morning and The Jam shows with a very well-crafted campaign dubbed ''drive-in'', for our listeners, we will be bringing back good radio once again which you can't find anywhere else, from the moment they get up, on their way driving to the office all through the day to when it's time to pick kids from school in the evening,” read a statement from the company. 

    “There have been a couple of exits from the famed brand over the last year, but growth is very important whether for an individual or for the company and therefore we don't frown upon it. Capital FM has long been the incubator of talent in the media industry,” the document added. 

    Some of the big names that have left include Amina Rabar and DJ Joe Mfalme who moved to Homeboyz Radio.

    Capital FM said that the new direction would allow the station to add more sophistication and elegance to its programming which had eroded.

    The company plans to cement its spot as a preferred station for podcasts, music, entertainment source of news with Capital Newsbeat every top of the hour.

    “With this new direction, it is our desire to get into our listeners' hearts through timeless sound seduction, we are very clear in our minds, from when you enter Capital FM, through all the departments to the highest office which is the Chairman's (Chris Kirubi) office on what we want to achieve,” the company expressed. 

    Capital FM will be targeting a niche market of high net worth individuals who share a lot in terms of opinions, experience and lifestyle choices.

    “We are targeting people who think differently, people who are adventurous, who enjoy having a good time. If you and I like the same things such as cars, music, live in the same area, share the same political views then we are in the same demographic despite our age,” a source at Capital FM explained. 

    In December, the station terminated the Hits Not Homework show that had been airing every Monday to Thursday evening from 7 pm to 10 pm for the last two decades.

    A promotional poster for the Hits Not Homework show
    A promotional poster for the Hits Not Homework show