MPs Push Woman To Reveal Signatories in Kemsa Scandal

  • Zubeda Nyamlondo
    Zubeda Nyamlondo, during the Kemsa Scandal Grilling
    Daily Nation
  • Zubeda Nyamlondo Ngobi appeared before the National Public Investment Committee (PIC) Wednesday, 18, to be questioned about a Ksh347M Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) supply deal.

    During the probe, Ngobi contradicted herself on several occasions about Aszure Commercial Services dealings - a company she co-owns - which made the committee members uneasy.

    “You are either extremely brave or naive. Let me remind you that if you want to lie, you better have good memory. Are you aware of the repercussions of not telling the truth or trying to take the heat on behalf of another person?” said Abdulswamad Nassir, the Parliamentary Investment Committee chairman.

    Zubeda Nyamlondo
    Zubeda Nyamlondo before the Public Investment Committee

    Esther Passaris, Nairobi Women Representative, also cautioned Ngobi pushing her not to protect the real faces behind her company.  

    “You are here protecting people you know very well. You are a small fish being used by a big fish. I’ve a feeling this is a company of the Covid-19 billionaires,” said Passaris.

    After hours of questioning, Ngobi mentioned that former Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission (EACC) Halakhe Waqo, was allegedly a guarantor of a loan that the Ngobi's firm had taken, hence the reason Waqo was a signatory. 

    The Committee summoned the ex- EACC boss to explain his links with the firm since he is neither a shareholder nor a director of the firm to guarantee a loan.

    “We want Mr. Waqo summoned to appear before this committee. We want to know how he was a signatory to an account of a company that he is not a shareholder,” said Paul Katana, the MP for Kaloleni.

    Halakhe Waqo
    Former CEO of Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission Halakhe Waqo

    The Committee further noted Waqo will explain his role in helping the firm secure the loan from First Community Bank instead of its regular banker, KCB Bank.

    Ngobi further stated that the firm didn’t submit any paperwork to secure the multimillion tender from KEMSA.

    “I simply walked into the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) and went to procurement office and told them I could supply KN-95 masks. I went and saw Mr Charles Juma, the head of procurement... Mr Juma asked me if I am able to supply and I said yes. He then asked me to bring a sample,” she said.

    Ngobi added that Assure Commercials Services was not qualified to supply pharmaceuticals products but was pre-qualified as a furniture and fittings supplier by Kemsa.