Uproar After Subaru Driver Hits 180Km/h on Thika Highway [VIDEO]

  • A car speedometer indicating 180Km/h.
    A car speedometer indicating 180Km/h.
  • A Subaru driver has caused an uproar on social media after he filmed himself driving at maximum speed of 180km/h on Thika Superhighway.

    The clip, which surfaced online on Thursday, February 18, the driver is seen gangerous berating his Toyota Probox counterpart as the two challenged each other to hit maximum speed limits.

    The video showed the speedometer hit 180 as the driver claimed that he would win the race.

    "Record them. The Probox is not even speeding. They cannot (defeat them). Where is the Probox?" the driver is heard saying.

    A section of Thika road.
    A section of Thika road.

    The two racing cars are seen dangerously overtaking other road users as if attempting to match the speed of light.

    Kenyans were, however, appalled by the driver's lack of road etiquette claiming that he was putting the lives of other Kenyans at risk.

    "Is it worth it? One thing I have learnt about Kenyan roads is that the difference between a person who is speeding and the one who is not is around 20 min arrival time. choose safety. Even when I am in a hurry, the most I can do is 80Km/h," argued Soni Collins.

    "Subaru lads can even race a tortoise, just to win and prove a point, to boost their fragile egos," stated Gathungu wa Gathoni.

    "You risk your life by doing 180 km/h just to prove a point? I say at times people plan to meet God untimely then we are left typing rest in peace, which peace?" questioned Mutinda Bernard.

    A cross-check carried out by Kenyans.co.ke indicated that the two racers defied a directive issued by Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) capping speed limit on the highway at 110km/h.

    The agency, while issuing the directive in 2018, also directed that the cap should not apply to matatus and other public service vehicles as they should not exceed 80km/h.

    In general, the agency directs that while in town centers, drivers should exceed 50Km/h while on rural roads, the speed is capped at 110Km/h.

    Below is the video: