House Hunting - Nairobi Landlords Advanced Tech to Lure Tenants

  • House 12 in Magnolia Hills Kitisuru.
    House 12 in Magnolia Hills Kitisuru.
  • When it comes to looking for a house, the process of browsing listings, visiting properties and more can become quite the chore. 

    However, the growth of using augmented reality technology is set to transform how potential home-owners and tenants scout for houses, allowing landlords to showcase vacant properties to potential tenants from the comfort of their homes. 

    The technology has already been adopted by high-end property managers to sell multi million houses to their high-end clients. 

    One of the bedrooms in the house on Mbagathi Ridge Road.
    One of the bedrooms in the house on Mbagathi Ridge Road.

    The technology gives the viewer an immersive experience making them feel as though they are inside the house, using a phone or PC to virtually explore different aspects of the property. 

    A potential client is able to navigate through all angles of the house and even zoom in on areas which they need to look at keenly.

    It offers close details in terms of walls, flooring, fabrics, counters, and even furniture models.

    The tech also allows potential tenants to play with interior design elements so that they can see what the house would look like if they changed the colours or layouts.

    Enabling the benefits of a virtual home tour not only provides an immersive texture-rich experience but also creates emotional memories in the user's mind which aids in faster and efficient decision making.

    This technology can also be used to showcase the final products of housing developments that are yet to start. 

    Homeowners are taken on a virtual tour of the home in order to make any alterations and changes that may not be possible after the building is completed.

    “Imagine a scenario where before a property developer breaks ground, you can walk into the completed project designed using 3D renderers, make any minor tweaks, liaise with quantity surveyors to refine cost, structural engineers can test the integrity of the buildings and buyers can buy the property when still in the off-plan phase. That’s the beauty of these concepts,” said Situma Siepete CEO of a local company that offers augmented reality services.

    Check out a video of a potential client using augmented reality to tour a house.