Mombasa Rd Motorist Escapes Death after Container Crushes Car

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    The accident that happened in Kibarani, Mombasa County involving a trailer and a toyota fielder on February 25 2021
  • A motorist in Kibarani, Mombasa County on the afternoon of Thursday, February 25 narrowly escaped death after a container fell on his car. The accident happened along Mombasa Road in Changamwe area, near the costal city of Mombasa. 

    Photos seen by show a large container hurled on top of the grey Toyota fielder.

    Residents rushed to the seen in a bid to aid the survivor. No deaths were reported from the grisly accident.

    An image of a trailer
    A trailer overturned along the Naivasha Mai Mahiu highway on Sunday 25 October 2020.

    The afternoon accident caused a traffic snarl up at the busy road as cars were forced to stop and wait for the scene to be cleared.

    Netizens have taken to social media to thank God and to applaud the residents for their timely response.

    In April 2019, Ann Rima recounted how she and her daughter narrowly escaped death. She left her home in Syokimau to buy household goods at Gateway mall but on the way she parked at a service lane to attend to her restless daughter. It was at this time that she saw a trainer veering off the road.

    “I saw the vehicle veer off the road. I don’t know what made me look up and I wondered why the driver would want to park there, it seemed precarious,” Rima said.

    She went on to explain that she thought of driving away but the trailer suddenly began to tip while they were still in the car. She immediately took her daughter and left the vehicle but as she took off the forty-foot cargo tipped over her car completely crashing it.

    “When I was jumping I feared I had not moved far enough to avoid the truck so I just held onto hope that it would not fall on me and my baby. When I turned, I saw the container on top of my car, and the vehicle completely destroyed. I just thank God for my life and my baby’s. God actually saved my life," she added.

    Preparation for container road transportation include firm tying of all goods to prevent movement, neat piling up, reasonable placement between goods, use of pads to prevent goods from damage against container wall and considering packaging strength to see whether additional reinforcement is required.

    Netizens have raised concerns on the transportation of cargo on Kenyan roads and have called on the government to put in measures that will reduce the number of trailer accidents.

    An accident involving Ann Rima's vehicle and a trailer at Mombasa road in April 2017
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