Man Grabs Officer's Gun & Shoots People at Matatu Terminus

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    A crowd gathers at the scene where a man shot at residents at Kisumu Bus Park on Friday morning, March 5, 2021
  • A man grabbed a pistol from a traffic police officer in Kisumu City and shot indiscriminately at passers-by and commuters, killing one and injuring three others.

    A law enforcer was manning the Jomo Kenyatta Highway roundabout next to Kisumu Bus Park terminus, on Friday morning, March 5. 

    A police report said that the suspect, whose motive still remains unknown, approached the officer before grabbing and running away with his gun, opening fire indiscriminately at the unsuspecting crowd. 

    The police officer was among the three who were critically injured in the gun drama. The officer, who was shot in the stomach, was rushed to the Aga Khan Hospital for emergency care. 

    A traffic police officer at Kimathi Street, Nairobi

    The two other victims, a woman and a tout were shot in the thigh and hand respectively. 

    "The man shot at anyone who tried to block him from escaping. The officer was shot at while pursuing the suspect in an attempt to recover the stolen gun.

    "The man also concealed his identity by wearing a hoodie and face mask, and wearing gloves on his hands," witnesses narrated. 

    Reports allege that he was lynched by an irate mob who cornered him near Ahero stage, while another claimed that he was shot dead by other police officers who recovered the gun. 

    The dead body was taken to a nearby morgue. 

    Police officers said that they had launched investigations into the incident. 

    Kisumu Bus Park, in Kisumu County